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Our Developer Zone is here to provide you with tools to assist you with the integration process. Our tools include integration guides, videos, and quick integration with various e-commerce modules.

Direct Integration

With the direct integration method your website captures the user’s personal and card details and forwards these behind the scenes to the secure Wally Payments gateway. Wally Payments then performs any necessary fraud and security checks, clears payment with the acquiring bank and sends a response back to your website, which in turn delivers a formatted response back to your customer.

The direct integration method is more complex than the hosted form but it provides for a more seamless experience for your customers.

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Hosted Forms

With the hosted form method your customers are passed to our gateway where they enter their card details and receive a response for the transaction. They are then redirected back to your website. For this integration method no secure certificate is needed and it is the simplest way to integrate with the Wally Payments’ gateway.

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Pay Button

The Pay Button function gives you the ability to create an HTML link that can be embedded into HTML content (eg a website or HTML email). When clicked it will allow a payment to be taken via the hosted form that will contain the data specified when creating the link.

The advantage of Pay Button is that it offers the functionality of Wally Payments without having to complete a Hosted or Direct integration, meaning it can be included in basic HTML without the need for any scripting languages.

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Sample Codes

Integration guides are great, but there’s nothing like a bit of sample code to make the whole process easier! Download your codes below

E-commerce Modules

Wally Payments integrates directly with all major shopping carts. Contact us to receive your cart-specific module.